Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well my nose is back to the grind stone

Hope everyone is enjoying the month of May. I was off from school for 13 days and now I'm back in school for the summer. YEAH!!! This week has been really tough we have been discussing the cardiac chapters. (the heart chapters) There is so much stuff I have to memorize it is unreal. But you know I guess I do need to know it. School is going great and I love my new teacher Mrs. D but I do miss my old teacher. Well I will keep everybody up to date with school and whats going on in nursing career.

Ok!! Now I need to Give God the Glory!!!

As you all know we have been praying for my brother Whit. Here lately I have seen a huge change in him. He is reading the book Wild at Heart and loving every page. He said it makes him want to go hike or ride his mountain bike. (That is answered prayer) He also spoke in front of the youth. I wasn't there that night but he told me what he said and I think it is a lesson for all of us. He said "It may not be what God is telling you to do but what God is telling you what not to do."
What a bold statement from a 21 year old. - anyway please keep praying for him, he is a good kid and could do wonders for God's kingdom. He as also signed up for Tres Dias and he will not stop talking about it. He said he gets this happy feeling when he thinks about it. Please pray that if this is God's will for him to go this next weekend.

Until next time............

Friday, May 9, 2008

Starting Fresh

Well, I got sucked into to all of this blogging stuff or maybe I was feeling out of the loop. Oh well who cares I'm a blogger now and that is all that matters. Please bear with me as I learn to do all of this cool stuff. Now to more exciting things. Has anyone seen the movie P.S I Love You. Girls grab your tissues and hold on to your husbands. As I was watching this movie by myself in my bed I showed all emotions. I was sad, mad, happy, discouraged, depressed,and lonely. I have never been so into a movie before in my life and I love Dirty Dancing but this surpassed it by far. I not going to tell you what happened in this movie I just encourage you to watch it. Let's just say I Love MY HUSBAND!!! This movie really puts a different angle on being married.

So go get the movie and go hug your husband.