Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hard Times In This Election

Well, First all I want to say I'm so sorry that I have fell off the blogging world. I'm still here just counting down the days until the election is OVER. All of you know that my mother is running to keep her job as Clerk of Superior Court. I have never seen a race that has been so nasty. I have not slept good in about a week. I don't understand why people who do not know my mother, how could they say such hurtful things. On top of that, say that she was working another job on county time. Please, my mother would never do something like that. Melica Kendrick is a good woman. God has put this job in her heart for some reason. I know that He knows she can do a great job. Please don't believe the negative things in the newspaper.

Please pray for mom and our family for the next week. Mom said this go around she has felt like she has been under a personal attack. I feel the same way, it just hurts me that people are treating my mother like this. Nov. 4th is a huge day for mom and all us. I just keep telling myself GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my mom and will vote for her. On behalf of her, I know she thanks you too.

Peace Out,